Each team must consist of at least 10 players on the roster, with a maximum of 20. The format will be 10-on-10 with each team typically having 6 males and 4 females on the field at a time (at least 8 players, with at least 3 females, are required to be on the field to avoid forfeit). Games will last 7 innings or 55 minutes, whichever finishes first.


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There will be 8 regular games and a single elimination playoff tournament for teams that qualify.

Team and Individual Registration

Register a team or as a free agent. RASL will place free agents on teams before the start of the season. The sooner you register, the better chance you have of landing on a team. Free agents have the option to request friends to play with. Free agents that are not placed on a team will receive a full refund.


Our fees make it very affordable to play. We take care of the permits, referees, equipment, updating scores/standings, and maintaining this web site. We'll also take team and game photos. All you have to do is concentrate on playing and having fun.

We do not charge a per player fee when you register a team. We allow you to pay a flat fee and include up to 20 teammates. You will have the option of paying the full fee, or splitting it with your teammates.

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