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Section 3.4 -   Failure to snap or free kick within 35 seconds after the ball is ready for play.
Section 5.1
 -   Players on the field must have registered through RASL and must have signed a online waiver.  
Section 6.3 - Silent snaps are not allowed.

Section 2.2 - Covering of pockets by taping, stapling, sewing, etc will not be allowed.
Section 5.1 - Players must substitute in/out from the same side of the field. A player may not substitute out from one side of the field with the substituting player coming in from the opposite side to confuse the defense.
Section 6.1 - The winner of the coin toss will elect to be on offense to start the 1st half or to be on offense to start the 2nd half. The loser of the coin toss will decide which side to defend.
Section 6.18 - Pass interference on a ball that is deemed uncatchable by the referee is considered an illegal contact penalty on the defense. The offense will be given 5 yards and replay of down.
Section 6.18 - Offensive pass interference is now 15 yards and loss of down.

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