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Registration FAQs

Q: I'm ready to join your team. Where do I sign up?

A: We're not a team, but actually a league made up of many teams. If you have friends, family, co-workers, etc that want to play then you should consider registering your own team. If it's just you and maybe a few friends then register as individual free agents and we'll try to place you on a team.

Q: How many players should I have register for my team?
A: That really depends on how reliable your players are. If you can count on most of you players showing up each week then 12-15 is a good number to maximize playing time. If you think that conflicting schedules will keep a good number of your players from committing then 16-20 is a good number to have to make sure that you don't have to play games shorthanded or even forfeit.

Q: Can I register a team now and have my players register later?
A: Yes, you can add players up through Week 2 of our league's schedule. Keep in mind that if you are having each player pay individually, your entire team fee must be paid by the time registration ends. 

Q: Can my friend(s) and I sign up as free agents and remain on the same team?
A: Yes, when registering just be sure that everyone names the people they want to be included with. There's a form field for just that reason.

Q: Do I have to live in Montgomery County to play?

A: No, you can reside anywhere and play in our league. Montgomery County is simply the area where we play and not necessarily where we all live.

Q: Are uniforms required?
A: Uniforms aren't required, but teams must have matching colors so that it'll be easier to differentiate teammates on the field. You can get custom shirts or jerseys made at discounted prices just for RASL players at Sports Extra in Bethesda, MD. Please visit our uniforms page for more info.

Fee and Payment FAQs

Q: When is payment due?
A: Payment is due in full at midnight of the registration deadline date.

Q: I split my team fee when I first registered, but just added some new players. How does payment work now?

A: Any players you add after you've already split the fee will be your responsiblity to collect payment from. RASL is only invoicing and expecting payment from the players that you specified at the time of the split.

Q: What happens if I split payment and and I my teammates don't pay by the deadline?
A: The outstanding balance of unpaid players will be reassigned to you, the captain. You will then have a full day after the deadline to pay the fee. After that, you will be assessed a 15% late fee.

"I am a free agent" FAQs

Q: I registered as a free agent, now what?
A: You can let team captains know that you're looking for a team to play on by posting on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/playrasl).

Q: What if there are no teams looking for free agents?
A: If we have enough free agents before the season starts, we will put together an all free agents team. This usually happens after registration has ended.

Q: What happens if there are no teams nor are thre enough free agents for a team?
A: You will get a full refund back onto your credit card.

"I need free agents" FAQs

Q: How do I request free agents to fill spots on my roster?
A: Please email us at info@playrasl.com and we'll put you in touch with some.

Q: How do free agents impact my team's fee?
A: Free agents have already paid their fee, so they are not responsible for paying your team fee. However, we will refund you for each free agent you accept onto your team.

Q: How much and when will I get refunded?
A: You will receive 50% of the regular free agent fee. For example, a free agent paid $60 and we place them on your team. You, the captain, will receive a refund of $30 each after your team fee is paid in full on your credit card. However, you will not receive any refund for female free agents that use a 50% discount code.

Gameplay FAQs

Q: Is it okay that I've never played flag football before?
A: Absolutely. As long as you have a general understanding of how football is played, all it takes is practice to get good at flag football. We have players of all levels so most people can fit right in.

Q: How is co-ed flag football different from men's?
A: Co-ed flag football allows you to play with all your friends, regardless of gender. We have rules in place to make sure that both men and women are able to participate more equally. For the sake of simplicity, for every two straight offensive plays that involve only men, the next play must involve a woman either as a quarterback, running back, or wide receiver.

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